Ecommerce Log - 2 feature requests

Hi all,

I’m using piwik on our ecommerce site and it’s great piece of software. I want to thank all developers for their hard work!

I implemented piwik ecommerce tracking in our OpenCart site, but I really miss two features:
[li] First of all, would it be possible to add “Abandoned Carts” to the Ecommerce Log? I have stats about “Abandoned Carts”, but it would be great to get more informations, like I have about finished orders in Ecommerce Log.
[/li][li] Second request is closely connected to the first one. Can we have in Ecommerce Log link to the Visitor Log (or can we have information from Visitor Log in Ecommerce Log)? I think it will be very usefull to see all movements of visitor with abandoned cart on our site. This way, we can see, why they are leaving - is it in shipping price, do we have error on checkout proccess, etc.

I have real example - I found bug in our checkout process on “old” Firefox 3.6 - customers with this browser were not able to finish checkout. I found this problem, because piwik show me, that customers with problem were using this browser. After that, it was easy to repair it.

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see feature request: "Ecommerce Log" to allow viewing only abandoned carts · Issue #3260 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

it’s the same isnt it?

Yes, you are right. I’m sorry about duplicate post. I didn’t know about ticket system (I’m new here). Next time, I will check it before posting.

Thank you for your reply.

I have previously attempted to intergrate piwik with opencart but did not have much success.

Smurv, will it be possible to share your code/vqmod?

Sorry, old post - but it ranks highly in google so I think still relevant for people who want a Piwik Opencart mod.

I was surprised that there was no Piwik Opencart VQmod which did ecommerce so I took it upon myself to make one! I’ve just finished the first (pre-release) version. Would be good to get a few people to trial it, debug, give me feedback etc. Its not that complex though, basic to start with (i.e. enter setup details at the top of a PHP file etc). I will be improving with a full admin backend later.

If you’re interested, get in touch!


Hi Kevin,

Great news! Once you have the code published (on github for example) and a description page for the plugin, we would be glad to add it to the Ecommerce listing at: Integrations - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I sure would like to use Piwik with my OpenCart. I’m not a programmer at all, so I’m no help. Sorry.

We are still looking for a developer who could build such plugin for OpenCart! If anyone is interested see my comment above. thanks

I’ve built one, just haven’t got around to packaging it up and doing the niceties! I’ll try and get it finished in the next week or so and post the links etc.

Awesome to hear this… looking forward to adding it on : Integrations - Analytics Platform - Matomo
This plugin has much potential to have a little community around it as we had at least 10 requests in the past (and many more will start using it when it’s released & we write a little blog about it ?)

Hi All! Fanfare pleeeeease…

Mod finally released properly, up on github and available to download (:P)

See Piwik OpenCart Ecommerce VQmod

Currently v0.3 - still early days and requires more testing and development but its working and available to the community :slight_smile:

Let me know your comments please and spread the word!!