Ecommerce & Goals broken in Chrome


Piwik 1.9.2.

If I access the Ecommerce & Goals tab on a ecommerce enabled page I only get a “Loading Data…” but nothing happens. (Chrome 23) If I add a goal also the “Add Goal” option disappears and I’m not able to add another one. So totaly unusable currently.

Any Idea ?

have you tried a different browser to see if its related to browser issue?

Yes, as you see on my subject I first thought its a chrome related thing. But my Colleague testen on IE9 and 10 and it shows exactly the same behavior :frowning:

Is there and special redirects(in particluar 302 redirects) to that page? Who is your web host and what are some of the system stats? Can you check your web logs for any errors to see if that points to a solution.


The server is a self hosted dedicated ubuntu server.

I uploaded some Additional Infos:

The uploaded har files can be viewed with any HAR Viewer for example: HTTP Archive Viewer 2.0.17

can you check your server error logs?

Hi Matt,

please have a look in my previous posted link it also contains the server error log. But this is not showing up much only one invalid request.