Easy to solve problems

I have been using Piwik with big success in the last couple of months.
I have 2 suggestion to make that could make my life a lot more easy.

The first is that non Latin urls will encoded. In real life non English base site will have non Latin strings in urls thats why i would like to give me an option to show without the encoding.
An example:
A lot more easy to read!

The second is in attachment when they downloaded they show like the attached photo.

I think bug 2) is the same bug as this report: Outlinks not properly encoded · Issue #5014 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub ? if so please add a comment there

Bug 1) can you post a screenshot here showing the bug?

I dont think it is a bug.
Just an improvement in ui for me us a viewer.
This http://www.mysite.gr/θέρμανση/ is Better than this

For the encoded urls yes i see we have some familiarity but for me its just the way piwik show the encoded url for non latin characters.

The second is a bug that show in the screenshot at the end, files have “¸Î­ÏÎ¼Î±” instead of at least the encoded names.


Correct will be
or better

I can’t see your screenshot showing the problem, could you please link to the screenshot URL?