Easier updating for some shared-hosting websites


The entire update process from notifications that a new version is available to coming back to our chosen landing page (the Dashboard in my case) is great. Really. Painless, just the way I like software to be.
However, one of the two websites I’m operating is on a shared hosting that is configured in such a way that each time I update, I need to go to /config/config.ini.php and add

session_save_handler = “dbtable”

so that the dashboard can load.

I’ve had to do this twice these past days, for 1.9 and for 1.9.1.

Can we have something set up so that we don’t need to do it each time we upgrade Piwik?


During the update, the config.ini.php should not be changed so it should still contain your “Custom line” and you should not need to add it again every time… ?

With 1.9, I’ve had to add it again. Maybe that I was in a defensive mode because I had to do it several times with past versions, I ended up writing this in a text file:

Remplacer, dans analytics/Core/Session.php en ligne 81
$sessionPath = PIWIK_USER_PATH . ‘/tmp/sessions’;
$sessionPath = PIWIK_USER_PATH . ‘/tmp/’;

Remplacer, dans analytics/config/config.ini.php ou global.ini.php
"session_save_handler = files"


“session_save_handler = dbtable”

The format has changed recently and I’ve been prompted to do what I wrote in the OP by line 89 of Session.php

else if ($config->General[‘session_save_handler’] === ‘dbtable’

Anyway, I’ll be watching whether config.ini.php is left untouched by the next update. If so, this thread will be void.
Thanks for your reply.