[DUPLICATE] Goal tracking: Exact way how goal was reached

Hi Community,

is there any way to see which exact way a user took to reach a goal? Something like the “Visitor log” but only showing users who reached a goal?

What I’m looking for is a detailed report for every single goal like this:
Goal: "order bar"
Ref: google
Keyword: “cheap foo”

  1. http://www.example.org/cheap-foo-info.php
  2. http://www.example.org/compare-foo-and-bar.php
  3. http://www.example.org/even-cheaper-bar-info.php
  4. http://www.example.org/about-us.php
  5. http://www.example.org/order-even-cheaper-bar.php
  6. http://www.example.org/confirm-order-even-cheaper-bar.php (goal)

Any plugin or function I overlooked?


Try the Funnel plugin by MySociety. Plugin to provide funnel analysis report · Issue #5640 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Hi vip,

thanks for the hint but this is putting the cart before the horse.

What I want to learn is how the different funnels to a goal look like. The funnel plugin can only tell if an already known funnel is followed. But I don’t know the funnels yet :slight_smile:

Search the forum for “visitor path”. This has been previously suggested.