DuckDuckGo cuts visits

Hello friends!
While on vacation abroad and using the DuckDuckGo mobile browser, I controlled my work sites. But later, going into analytics (Matomo), I did not find my visits in the displayed statistics. I specifically, according to the script, go to special pages (to distinguish my visits from others) and this browser cuts my visits.
Yes, I turned on the mode in this site’s settings when the user has Java turned off. Therefore, this is either a defect of Matomo or a progressive browser. Please check with yourself, does everyone have such a situation or a problem with me?
PS phone Xiaomi Redmi
The regular Chrome browser from Google works correctly and my visits are displayed correctly too.


It’s likely you have enabled DoNotTrack in the browser and Matomo is respecting that and not recording any data. Or the DuckDuckGo browser is blocking tracking requests (not sure if it does).