Drop-Off Rate (GA) vs Exit Rate (Piwik)?

Hi guys,


I currently have (GA) Google Analyttics, but I’m thinking of switching to Piwik.

With that said, One of my major concerns is i want to export all the information from GA into Piwik including the “Drop- Off Rate” for all the pages.

I played around a bit w/ the demo on piwik which is amazing. One of the widgets i got interested in checking out was the one for the exit pages.

  • Pretty much i was sold when i saw this beacuse i couldn’t find a way to customize GA in showing the same thing.

Anyways, I see that piwik calls it “exit rate” instead of Drop-off, is this the same?

In addition, If i use the script Google2Piwik, would it export the “drop-off rate” into piwik as “Exit Rate”?

Is this export going to be accurate?

Is this export going to be accurate?

unfortunately the export wont be accurate. Please consider setting up Piwik with “no data” and use both at same time. Maybe you will like Piwik enough and then decide to use both or only Piwik. Cheers