Downloads and Outlinks aren't tracked correctly, although requests are sent :S

Dear all,

we are using piwik to track downloads and plays of videos on video portal. Unfortunately we are facing problems with the correct tracking of both. Although the requests are sent correctly to the piwik server when clicking play/download on videos, however when I search for these urls on piwik I don’t see them at all. It seems as if they are ignored.

I’ve noticed that on piwik’s outlinks and downloads pages, there is a big number of hits as ‘Other’. Could this be related?

This is frustrating and we would really appreciate any help what might be the issue, or where we may start for debugging.

Thanks in advance!

2 ideas:

  1. if you have many “Others” you can increase the limit to a higer number to make sure piwik does not truncate your data: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

  2. you can debug the tracking requests, see:

Thanks a million Matt, this definitely helps!!!