Downloading CSV from Matomo

Hello, i’m still a noob in the Matomo World, and i’m trying to download all data in a csv in order to do some analysis in Python.
I wasnt able to make it work directly in python with the API calls, so i was trying to download all the data stored and then load it in python.

Are there some tutorial I can follow?

Thank you,



Not sure if this is what you want but seems like you can download raw data in csv from visits log, all the way at the bottom. There is a mouse-over icon for export!

Sadly no, i was trying to download “all” the data, not just one by one!

This is downloading all data not just one entry :slight_smile:

It just shows one visitor or part of the metrics, what I’m trying to do is:

For all the visitor ordered by row downloading a csv with all the metrics, page visited bounce rate and so on.

So I will have:
visitor 1, navigation data( time,page, bounce rate, device…)
Visitor 2, same
Visitor 3, same

We must be looking at different things then. I just exported a sample of 40.000 rows and god knows how many columns. Containing an insane amount of data. Including devices pages tags dimensions, everything