Download years worth visitor info error

i’m not getting the complete report when i choose Visitor > Visitor Log > choose by year (in this case 2011) > go to bottom and click file icon then download the TSV file.

when i open the tsv file in excel, it’s only given me 4 days worth of information. so it’s downloading more than just a page worth of information but not exactly the entire year either.

can anyone offer any advice or help please? btw, i have the newest piwik 1.1.1

no one else is having this issue?!

hi ,

we have limit it;s set to 100, so you will get only the 100 visitor details. I am downloading it in different way.
Just copy the URL and paste it in a new tab in the browser and delete the “&filter_limit=100” and press Enter, you can get the full list.

I am not sure how to change the limit. we need to make that dynamic instead of fixed limit


i actually dont even get 100. i tried your variation of removing the filter limit and no dice… i’m only receiving a few days worth at around 50 or so… and yes i do have way more traffic than that. ::scratches head::