Download Tracker does nor appear in statistics

Hi all,

I try to track download of outgoung links, the link does not have an extention like exe or zip, so I add the class “piwik_download” to the link

When I download the file, FF sends a reauest to piwik, in DB in table piwik_log_action piwik add a new entry with “type = 2” (not sure if it is the right one type)

but the download does not appers in statistics on action->downloads

any idea?

is the file to an external domain ? does the file appear in the Outlinks report instead of downloads ?

nice idea, yes it appears in outgoing links… how to change it, piwik_download class does not work

We are suppose to have fixed this bug in 1.8.3 - are you using this version already ?

no :slight_smile: updating now.