Don't track certain visitors on website

I installed Matomo Wordpress Plugin for my page (I’m so happy. It’s so easy to use :smile:). We are 5 people working for our startup and it’s quite a low frequency website. I’d like to not track our clients (desktops, mobiles). From my research it basically boils down to turn on the opt-out feature and use it on our devices. Would you agree that this is the best option? I also thought that it might be possible to exclude logged in Wordpress users but I couldn’t find documentation how to do it.
It would be great if somebody can help me out with some best-practice advice.
Thank you
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I don’t have a wordpress set up at the moment to quickly check this, but I think there is a setting for not adding the tracking code for users logged into Wordpress.

This is a solution that would work if your initialize the Tracking via TagManager.
Maybe it can also work with the WordPress-Plugin.
But I don’t know how this is injected so maybe it won’t work.

You flag any logged in WP user as internal and push this information BEFORE the pageview into the data layer.

You can also set a cookie via domain and every employee has to visit that specific domain.

Ad this to a custom dimension type User.

Internal traffic can than be excluded from live via segment.

Thank you both for your help. I found that in the Matomo settings in Wordpress I can exclude WP user roles, IP, locations etc. However in the end I opted for us using the op-out feature even though this has to be set for every browser on any devices. The users I don’t want to be tracked aren’t looged in most of the times anyway so it’s more effective to opt-out.
Regards, Roli.