Doesnt track download and outlinks



piwik doesnt track the downloads and outlinks. also the download goals doesnt work.
i tried to change the delay (as explained on the FAQs) but it doesnt help.

i use iweb for my website. could that be that the reason?

thanks for any suggestion


Are you using Google Chrome ?
Is this happening with all visitors that use differents browsers ?

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If you’re using iWeb, you’re probably also using Safari. There’s a Webkit bug (affecting Safari and Chrome) that we’ve reported to the webkit devs. We’re now waiting on a fix.


i usually use safari but i tried also with firefox. same thing

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What’s the URL of your site?


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I took a quick look at a few pages and I didn’t see the Piwik tracking code in the page source. If you can’t paste the code into iWeb, you’ll have to edit the page source manually.


thanks for checking out vipsoft.

the tracking code should be there :slight_smile: the code is on every site on my website. cause the rest of piwik stats is working fine. only downloads and oultlnks doesnt work.

but you are right, its strange that on safari and firefox piwiks source code is not shown.


any suggestion?

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Publish, then use iTweak to add the analytics tracking code.



With my dotclear blog :
Like grinder, Piwik doesn`t track the downloads from the 1st March 2011 :S
The 28 february, Actions > Downloads, ok, two files are downloaded
From this time, nothing :frowning:

But, with my SPIP web site, downloads tracking work fine
strange !


Ok, I found my problem !

dotclear use a plugin, who not work correctly for the tracking donwloads fonction (for unknown reason from 1st March), and Live! fonction.
With the «Standard JavaScript Tracking code» used as a widget in dotclear, piwik work fine !, like SPIP who use the same code.

I’ll contact the author of the dotclear plugin…


Oh ! I use that too on my DotClear (