Does session recording create a true video?

I’m interested in using Piwik with the session recording plugin. Other solutions I’ve seen record JS event data and then use that with an overlay of the live site in an iframe in order to recreate the user session.

This means that if the site differs depending on whether or not the user is logged in or changes based on click events that aren’t actually fired during the playback, the site looks odd. If you release a new version, then the live site no longer matches the recorded events. And, of course, you don’t want the playback actually firing events because it will replay form submissions, etc.

Does the Piwik plugin somehow create a true video of the user’s session? Or somehow get around the need to access the live site as a part of the playback?


only Innocraft can give you exact answers, so I’d recommend you to contact them directly: Click, Move & Scroll Heatmaps and Session Recordings to optimize your website. For Piwik Analytics.

That said, I doubt that the plugin records a “real” video as storing it would get difficult.

Thanks, I contacted them directly but thought they were formally connected to the project here. I’ll report back either way.

Hi there,
Well not sure if I can be of any help and if I understood well the question.
Here is the test I performed.
1 - I activated session recording
2 - I went on my website and submit a form
3 - I checked my emails and saw that I received one e-mail from my form submission(everything fine so far)
4 - I went within the visitor log and click on the play button to watch the video, form get submitted within the video
5 - I checked my emails and saw that no e-mail was received

Hope it helps,