Does Piwik track differently to Google?


Loving Piwik so far. Does it count visitors differently to GA?

For a specific date, GA counts 488 visits, 408 Unique visitors and 935 page views. On the same day, Piwik counted 408 visits, 364 unique visitors and 636 page views.

Any idea why this might be?

Such big difference in pageviews could be because some pages are not tracked in piwik (have you put code everywhere?)

Also check that DoNotTrack is disabled in the setting, as GA does not respect DoNotTrack header

Hi Matt,

I just found the do not track, it was enabled so I’ll see how the stats show up tomorrow. The code was placed in the footer.php of my WP install.


I have a similar question, but I have DoNotTrack disabled.

When looking at both Google and Piwik, my counts and unique visitors are off by about 5-10 (which I am assuming are bots), but google has the bounce rate at 86% and Piwik has it at 14%, which is a huge difference. Just wondering how you are tracking it and why it would be such a huge difference.