Does Piwik runs on the French ISP servers (full phpinfo)


Despite extensive research, I can not find, with certainty, if Piwik runs or not, on the French ISP servers

Current status of the implementation of PHP (phpinfo) and PDO.

[#0000FF]phpinfo de (Implémentation de php chez[/#0000FF]


Yes Piwik will run! Make sure you use PHP 5.3 or 5.4 (latest the better).

and use latest beta: 301 Moved Permanently


Thanks for the reply.

I cannot use a different version of php that the one installed. is an ISP that offers free hosting to more than 100,000 sites, on shared servers, with unlimited traffic. It is no question of touching anything, not even the setting of the installed version of PHP.

It is PHP Version 5.1.3RC4-dev, and that is all.

That is why I gave you the link to a full phpinfo. Does Piwik run under this strict implementation of PHP?

Here, again, the link to the phpinfo.

[#0000FF]phpinfo de (Implémentation de php chez[/#0000FF]

Something else:
Why the link above, whose bbcode is correct, do not appear as a link?


Oh sorry, I thought it would be possible to upgrade the PHP using htaccess (like most other hosting do).

I think Piwik should work in 5.1.3, but only trying with latest version, will let us know if it works for sure. Otherwise, I hope will soon migrate to 5.3 or 5.4 !

Well i use piwik with php 5.2.10 and i have know issues,

good luck.

Known issues ? what do you mean? there is no issue that I’m aware of with PHP 5.2 ?

chill dude,

i said none :)-D


I asked the administrator directly.

The answer is clear: Piwik prohibited.

Ability to use Webalizer or PhpMyVistes, and that’s all.

Things like Real time Overview, in Google Analytics, are so usefull for me, I can’t move backward.