Does Piwik have a unique page limit?


The company im working for currently uses Google analytics for tracking data on our website, but we have some problems with it and i have been tasked to conduct reaserch on a alternetive solution.

The main problem we have with google analytics is that it can’t process the amount of unique pages we have on our website and Google Analytics aggregates data to the (other) column.

The exact error we get from google:
Too Many URLs error
The number of unique URLs for view {website} exceeds the daily limit, significantly limiting your ability to perform meaningful data analysis.

So the main questions i have does Piwik have a daily limit on unique URLs that can be tracked and can we consider switching to Piwik? The traffic on the website on a daily basis is around 220,000 to 300,000 and it has a lot of unique pages because users can post classifieds.

Piwik does not have data limit, see: Data Limits – No Limits - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You will need to change a config setting see: After the top 500 or top 1000 rows, Piwik automatically groups pages, keywords, websites, etc. under the label "Others"; How do I force Piwik to not limit the data? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

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