Does piwik_campaign track my pdfs when downloaded directly?


I would like to create an email newsletter with links to PDF-documents on my website and track the clicking of these links with the help of piwik_campaign-URLs.

Example for such a file-link: ​http://MYSERVER/gimmeTraffic.PDF?piwik_campaign=EmailSpring

After some research it seems to me, that this does not work because there is no surrounding site, that could execute the javascript-click-handler-action.

I’ve found an older ticket with the same issue, that I do not understand: piwik_campaign does not track my pdfs · Issue #5788 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub. What does “Please see goal tracking plug-in (beta) released in Piwik 0.2.28.” mean?

Do I have a chance to track such a pdf-download without a surrounding “java-script-context”?

Regards, Rikky