Do Not Track Cookie always on?

In PIWIK 1.x I had split the DNT plugin into two plugins, one for the header DNT and one for the PIWIK cookie.

They don’t work for 2.0, so I updated them and noticed that even with ALL DNT plugins disabled the cookie will still block tracking.

Is this by design? or is it a mistake?

Maybe a stupid question, but are you clearing browser cache?


yes, multiple times!

With all Do Not Track plugins off, and the cookie deleted, it will track me, as expected. With the DNT header on it still tracks me [this is the expected behaviour]. If I add the cookie (click to opt out) it will stop tracking me [DNT plugins still off]

Personally, I prefer this behaviour it is what I want. To ignore DNT header, respect the cookie. If this is the way it is supposed to be, I can do away with my “separated” plugin.

Well thanks, you’re a great help I just checked the DNT plugin in 2.0.3-beta 3, which was on, and if you see my thread here: 301 Moved Permanently you’ll see I’m having issues with detecting certain visits from Chrome/Waterfox/Internet Explorer.

I tried disabling DNT plugin and it restored those missing visits. I’m afraid I can’t help you any further though.