DNN internal search

I am struggling getting piwik to work with DNN’s internal search engine. I can get search tracking to work from the dnn search token, but not from the search page itself. The URL parameter changes when searching from the search page, but Piwik doesn’t register the change. The only time a search term is registered is when I use the dnn search token, which then loads the search page with results. I am also trying to get the no search results report to work as well. Is there anyone who has used this with DNN that can provide some assistance?


Can you give some examples of what you’re trying to achieve?

I think I have it working now. We have multiple portals in the DNN instance and wanted separate stats for each portal, including separate search stats along with the no results keywords. I ended up making use of the multiple trackers feature and modifying one of the DNN search.js files to get the hit counts to be used with the custom url option. Now I just need to remember to add the code back whenever we do a DNN upgrade.

For this use case i’d recommend also considering using Roll-Up Reporting: http://plugins.piwik.org/RollUpReporting