Distributed piwik installation for highload websites to lower collocation&VPS costs

Hi, All

Do you think, it could be possible to split piwik installation for two parts?

  1. Part 1 is visitor tracking tool to record statistics come from your web sites
  2. Part 2 is both GUI tool and archive tool to make all necessary calculations and present data to the owner
  3. Data import script or sql integration to pass data from PArt1 to Part2 to process

I am currently faced with the perfomance issues for my piwik - I have 1.7M visits, 2.8M actions and about 100K pages for 6 websites in total.

When I tried to use Segmentation feature (2 segments) , the resource usage rise from 512MB Ram to more that 2G Ram for piwik instalation during archive procedure and GUI data analysing.

I am using separate piwik app server with 3G ram (rised from 512MB) + 2 G hdd and piwik database server (percona SQL) with 2G ram and 5G database size at the moment.

here is my resorces usage picture - I tried to use both stable and GIT versions and tried to manupulate with number of segments.

I swiched segments off because its take too much time and to much memory to process them. The bugs are also exists.

My idea is to use cheap home computers to make any calculations and use expensive collocation resources for data collection only.

What do you think?

Its look like I need to sync 4 tables only - log_visit, log_link_visit_action,log_conversion,log_action
All other tables are required for archive or GUI tools

Am correct? Any live examples on your piwik installations?

Looking for an answer about it too