Distinguish from page views and events of a custom dimension

I found this article which suggested that I can filter custom dimension results by actionType. However, the results of actionType==pageviews and actionType==events are exactly the same. I try actionType==downloads and the result is empty.

This is how the page views and events looks like in the visits log. What can I do to distinguish from page views and events of a custom dimension
Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 4.12.11 PM

Hi @qhoang
I think there is an error in the documentation; this article is not up to date, as segments are no more filters.
I have just created an issue for that:

@heurteph-ei I see. So I’m logging page views and events with action scoped custom dimension. How can I distinguish page views from events when viewing report of the custom dimension?

Hi @qhoang
In the action scoped custom dimension, you can just see action the number of actions (any type of action).
Your need can be covered by the Custom Report Premium plugin: