Distinct Countries in Reports

Hello! My name is Stuart. I work for the Louisiana State University Human Development Center, one of 67 university institutions across the US that work to prime students and the community in dealing with developmental disabilities. The core functions of these 67 institutions are powered by federal grant money. Our university has just switched to Matomo, and we found the number of distinct countries an interesting metric. We do not expect visitors outside the United States, and so we are intrigued that we received visits from more than 40 distinct countries in April. That being said, only the first 40 countries generate rows on the HTML output form of the monthly report. We are compiling data to report out to the source of our grant money, so we want the number of distinct countries. We cannot get it from counting rows. Also, the Countries page of the Web interface takes forever to load, so it seems lame to need to go there to get only one number. It is the only data on that page that we are interested in. Please consider adding it as a metric, possibly moving it to Visits Overview. At least that’s where it should be when generating the reports. Thank you, and have a nice day!

Stuart Simon