Displaying total time by country


I am looking into writing a plugin to display some imported icecast stats by country and duration for a date range. I want to display a list of all people who have connected to the stream by country, with a total of the length of time they were connected, again by country. Something like this:

Country:    Minutes
GB          11312
DE          1244
FR          1654
AU          245
HK          23

Before learning the entire Piwik API, I’d like to know if this is possible within the current state of Piwik.

Can anyone advise?

many thanks


Hi James,

Yes it should be already possible using Event Tracking. Piwik API outputs the total sum value the Event value, and also average value, minimum value, and max value.


Veri Kurtarma

Thanks for the pointer but unfortunately I at a loss of how to implement this!

This page appears to detail the event tracking metrics:
How can I get the sum_event_value for a specified country in a specified date range?