Displaying Times for Each Action in Visitor Log


I love Piwik, it’s great. There’s just one feature that I miss in Piwik :

In my old stats software I could see the time of each action in the visitor log. In Piwik it just shows the time of the 1st action, and the total time for all actions, but not the times for the individual actions.

There are many situations where I find it useful to see how long the visitor spent on each page and the times of each action.

I can’t seem to find any option to view the times of each action in Piwik. I could probably hack the files to display the time next to the number of each action, but then my hack would be overwritten on updates so I would really appreciate this feature being added as an option. What do you think?


Good suggestion. Please submit a patch this is the easiest way to make sure it will be included. This improvement is mentionned in the ticket: Visitor Log list of ideas and improvements · Issue #1839 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

"Show the time spent on each page in light grey next to the page name? "