Displaying data from EXTERNAL database


Hi! I want to make an indicator for the dashboard and also for the PDF Reports plugin that display data from external database, that database is in another server.

Right now I can extract the data and display the indicator on the Dashboard, but I can’t figure out how to set up it to work with PDF Reports. I just managed to get it displayed on the list of available reports but it comes always empty.

Can you give me a guide, or skeleton, about how to make the indicator compatible with PDF Reports?

Thanks a lot!


Some body here? Is there a detailed manual of PDF reports and whatever it needs to add a new type of report to it?


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

See the code examples in the other plugins for example on how to do it. Sorry we dont yet have a tutorial but it would be very nice to work on it I agree !!


I already did that. I achieved to get the data on the dashboard, with all type of charts and the data list. But I can’t get it working with PDF Reports :frowning: And I can’t find enough information inside the existing plugins.