Display multiple instances of Feedburner widget?

I have several sites that have more than one Feedburner feed, and currently my workaround to view those feeds is to switch between feed names while viewing the Overview report for those sites.

The reason for multiple feeds is that in addition to the news feed, we also have separate audio and/or video podcast feeds; for one site, the audio feed is the podcast version of the show we broadcast on SiriusXM Radio, and the video feed is the video of those show recordings, with some extra “behind the scenes” footage included for giggles.

We have two or three sites that have both news and audio feeds, so it is something that could come in handy, if it were possible.

Are multiple instances a possibility?

You make a good point, but maybe it’s more the feedburner widge which should be extended to load several feed at once?

That could work too :slight_smile:

What could be an option for sites that have public RSS feeds, but do not use Feedburner for those feeds? (Yes, we have several sites configured like that as well)