Display backend data such a registered users

Hey there :slight_smile:

We are trying to display some backend data points into Matomo.

An Example would be the total number of registered users.
We are using the http tracker in conjunction with a custom segment to send the value to Matomo.

Sending the data is not the problem
Displaying it currently is.
Every value we send currently ends up as a single entry in the dimension I created. The action for each single entry is 1. Which is not what we want for this type of data.

Instead of getting each value as a single entry we’d like to get the data (e.g. total number of registered users) displayed in one timeline.

Basically a chart that shows us the value of total registered users changing over time.
The number could be 1549 today, 1575 tomorrow and so on.

is there a way to display this kind of data in Matomo?

Currently we use the http tracker with the custom dimension command to send the value to Matomo!

Thanks a lot everyone!


The custom dimensions are not really intended to be uses for data completely unrelated to the visits themselves, but rather data that describes one specific page view (e.g. page load time) or one visit (e.g. customer type).

The way Matomo interprets your data is that one person visited your website with a test=123.

If you want to display reports of unrelated data in Matomo (a bit like https://plugins.matomo.org/SearchEngineKeywordsPerformance does), you will probably have to write a report.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your answer.

What you point out is exactly the problem - the data we want to display is not related to a single visit.

Did anyone maybe already implement such a report for unrelated data based on data being send to matomo using the http tracker.

Are there any examples out there to get this kind of data into a report?

I thought someone must have done something like this before.
doesn’t seem like a totally crazy metric we’d like to monitor :wink:

If the custom dimension is not the right choice probably we should use a custom variable in the first place?

Thanks so much for your help!


Interestingly I don’t know anyone who did this (creating a plugin that provides a simple API to insert data and show a report for it).

There is https://plugins.matomo.org/PerformanceAudit, but it is more complex as it runs chrome to generate the data it reports (and it is linked to sites)

There is the premium plugin which imports data from the google search console

Custom Variables are the same idea, just an older (and worse) implementation of it.

What would be the recommended way to get this kind of backend data into a custom report?

Would this work with the custom dimension we already created?
Or are there any other suggestions how to realise that?

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: