Discrepancy in visit metrics across Matomo reports

Hello everyone. I am tracking a few websites in Matomo and all of them seems to be tracking just fine except for one.
This particular website displays a different Visits value in each report since last week, whereas the rest of them have coherent visit counts across the reports.

For example, those are yesterday’s data for this website:

Visits on acquisition > All channels : 643,630
Visits on visitors > Country : 651,473
Visits on visitors > Devices: 646,285

As referenced before, the rest of my websites have consistent metrics, no change have been made to this website configuration and this bug have been happening for the last 7 days.

The only change made in those days was the activation of an API Key for SEO Web Vitals the day before the inconsistency began, which we deactivated a couple of days later after noticing the issue in case it was causing some overload, but nothing have changed.

Any clue on what could be happening?


Hi @Lena_Gadea_Doncel
Is the problem on data of the current day, or also on data of previous days?

Hello Philippe and thanks for your response. The problem appears in data of previous days. I normally don’t take on account the current day data as I understand it might be just a delay.

Hi @Lena_Gadea_Doncel
I created an issue for you:

Maybe you can add in the issue a comment to share your Matomo version and the installed plugins (with their version)

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