Discrepancy between "Visits Overview" section and "Visits Log"

Hi Matomo Folks,

I’m encountering an issue on the Matomo Dashboard whereby the “Visits Overview” section shows some discrepancies with other numbers, particlarly the number of “visits.” On the particular day in question, 03-28-2024, the “Visits Overview” section show “0 visits, 0 unique visitors.” However, the “Visits Log” shows at leat 10 “Visitor profile”(s) whose “First Visit” was on 03-28-2024.

I would think that because some of the “Visitor Profile”(s) are “First Visits,” the “Visits Overview” section would show the corresponding numbers in the “visits, unique visitors” area. Additionally, the “Visits Overview” section shows “0 actions” in the left column, even though there are “27 downloads, 24 unique downloads” recorded in the right column.

I’ve checked the PHP error logs on this particular date, and the only error I see is:
Error in Matomo: This user has super user access.
However, this error also occurs on other days that show numbers in the “Visitors Overview” section correctly.

Could you please advise on where these discrepancies on 03-28-2024 might be arising from, or if there is more information I can provide you with that might help debug the issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,
Matthew Huntley

Hi Matomo Folks,

Just to provide you additional information, I checked the reports for two days before and two days after 03-28-2024, and with each of these days, the number of “visits” in the “Visits Overview” section directly correlates with the number of entries in the “Visits Log.” Only 03-28-2024 has a discrepancy between these values. Can you think of anything that might have caused this conflict on this particular day? Are there any Matomo-specific error logs I can look at on our server’s backend?

Matthew Huntley