Disabling cookies doesn't work. Piwik is still using cookies


I am trying to disable cookies from Piwik on my website, and I don’t get it to work… Even I have Piwik in the same domain as the website, and I wrote de DisableCookies function, Piwik is still using its cookie (I can see it with Ghostery). Yes, It ried to clear my cache and everything…

This is my tracking code (I use WordPress):


I did autoupdates (actually I started with Piwik 1.12) and I am in the alst version now (2.2). Maybe with a fresh reintall it gets fixed (I have no idea), but the itneresting point here is why I can’t get to disable Cookies…

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After putting this line, if you go to your website with a new browser, which cookies are created?


Do you mean the line "_paq.push([‘disableCookies’]); "?

It creates me the cookie “Piwik” (I see it in Ghostery).

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What is your website where you have put this line? i’ll try to reproduce there, cheers


Hi matt,
Is www (.) totikap (.) com


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the site does not set cookie here. Can you try to connect with a new computer, with firefox or google chrome, and check the cookies?

Piwik cookies names are listed in: What are the cookies created by Piwik JavaScript Tracking client? - Analytics Platform - Matomo
other cookies such as 240plan are not piwik cookies


I do get “Piwik Analytics” blocked on Ghostery. The info of what I get is this: https://www.ghostery.com/en/gcache/?n=Piwik%20Analytics&s=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.totikap.com%2Fpiwik%2Fpiwik.js&v=2&t=script
I am thinking now that Ghostery is not reporting a cookie, but the Tracking Code. Can it be possible? Maybe?

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Yes Ghostery reports the tracking code.


Sure, sorry for the ignorance… :S

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if you seek knowledge, ignorance is no problem :wink:



I have a similar issue

I’m using the folowing code
var piwikTracker = Piwik.getTracker(u+‘piwik.php’, 1);

The purpose of the disableCookies is to avoid putting any cookie in my visotrs browser.
This pragma works fine with Firefox (tested with and without the pragma) and with the disableCookies, no cookie is installed.
Yet, In Google Chrome, ID and Session cookies are installed, despite the “disableCookies”

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue ?



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Hi there,

it is discussed in The pragma "disableCookies" does not work in some browers · Issue #7494 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and likely already fixed in Piwik

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github.com at to web page dowload wordpress pluing