Disable download tracking for a specific link


we have a little problem disabling the download tracking for a specific link.
The problem originates from our wish to track a download, but with a different URL to which it is really linked to (e.g https://my.url.com/id_123_3/component/fileId_123 should be tracked without the version in the id https://my.url.com/id_123/component/fileId_123). So what we are doing is tracking the link manually with an onclick event.

onclick="_paq.push(['trackLink', 'MyURL']);"

This part works perfectly fine.
Our problem is, we are not able to disable the automatic download tracking for this link.
First we tried to change the styleClass (UI is JSF based) in the outputLink to piwik_ignore, which had no effect at all. I tried this with a manually set ignore class too, with the same effect.
Next step was to not enable LinkTracking at all (I know this should disable global link tracking, but it was a test). Again no effect.
Another try was to empty the DownloadExtensions. Same effect as above.
Last try was to disable MediaAnalytics. Which resulted in the manually tracked download not being tracked anymore, but the automatic tracking did track the download further on.
We have no more ideas, how to disable the download tracking for the link, or at least temporarily. Maybe someone can give us a short hint, or another workaround idea for our problem.

Best Regards,