Disable default page events


Hi folks

I’m working on a single page web page (using AngularJS) and would like to set a custom URL and a page name on my page views. For this, I have created a service which handles page changes and sets the name of the page like this:
trackPageView: function (page) {
var location = $location.protocol() + “://” + $location.host() + “/” + page;
_paq.push([‘setCustomUrl’, location]);
_paq.push([‘trackPageView’, page]);

This causes a double entry in the log however, since the default page tracker also creates an entry. So I have something like this:


I only want the last one (my customly created entry).

Is it possible to disable the default page tracking and only create manual page views entries using _paq.push([‘trackPageView’, page]); ?

Best regards