Disable country flags?


I use Piwik for an intranet and since the IPs are internal, Piwik thinks they are from around the world. In the live-list the country flags of the IPs are shown. They are of course wrong, since it is an intranet and all IPs are internal. Apparently, it confuses some people who are able to access the dashboard.

I think, the easiest solution (for me) would be to simply disable the country flags. If they are not shown, nobody gets confused. I tried the following, but it has no effect.
enable_language_to_country_guess = 0

I also tried to disable the UserCountry plugin. No change.

Is it possible to disable the flags? I also pondered to simply replace the flags with “invisible” ones, but maybe there is a better way.

not possible, so I suggest to change image with invisible ones (remember to do it after each upgrade)

Another work-around (though probably more time-consuming) would be to change all flags (piwik/plugins/userCountry/flags) to the flag of your origin.
Would also need to be re-done after each upgrade (but less likely that the repeating-effort would change in any upcoming version, as this is merely a collection of pics, not any kind of sourcecode).

So long,

Thanks for the clarification. I will use invisible flags and some kind of script, that fixes them after upgrades.
Maybe you can think about adding this as a feature, using piwik for intranet is quite common.