Differents results betweeen Matomo Analytics Pro and Prestashop


Sales data seems different between Matomo Analytics pro and Prestashop.
How is that possible? Did I apply filters?

For more details:
I’ve created a campaign link that I can track with Matomo. I use it as a filter in the e-commerce part of Matomo to check my sales. For few product, it indicated no sale, but prestashop says there were 9 sales for that same product on the same dates.

My conclusion would be that the plugin can’t track the other product added in the cart, but it seems odd that it doesn’t tracking those data.

Any clue? Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


Just FYI, the plugin is not maintained by the Matomo team, so you will probably get more direct help asking the author.

Also keep in mind that Matomo can’t track everything happening on your site. Some users might have opt-out of tracking, have enabled DoNotTrack in their browser or are blocking Matomo with an adblocker, but they might still buy something in the online shop.