Different Views

hello, in google analytics there are different views for example a test view or a master view.
is there something like that in piwik too?

can you give some examples?

in google analytics you can build different views for each property.
They say you show have min. 3 views: one view where you have all your data unfiltered, a master view with personal settings, and a test view where you can test changes first, before you put them into the master view.
for example i want to filter some ip-adresses in piwik, but i dont want to loose this data, just filter in a view but in a back-up view(unfiltered view) they should still exist.
is this possible in Piwik too?

Piwik doesnt work in this way so there is no profile or view. However you can record the same data in multiple websites in same piwik and then apply different ip exclude in each