Different values for unique visitors

hi everybody,

in piwik one has access to two different statistics for visits, the “visits overview” and the “overview”. as expected the values for visits are the same in both statistics (see screenshots: “70 visits” ). interestingly, the values for unique visitors differ (“27” vs. “44+4+3” = 51 visits).

how could this be possible?

thanx in advance,


Oh this is surprising indeed…

are you using 1.6 ?
Can you please update to latest beta and see, if it does that for new versions as well ?

thanx for the quick reply. yes, i am using 1.6.

i have just installed Piwik 1.7-b5 (in parallel). tell you more on monday… :)o

it is the same problem for Piwik 1.7-b5 (see screenshots).

Can anybody help me to solve the problem? Thanx in advance…


Thanks for the report. Can you also see the same problem on the demo at http://demo.piwik.org/

Hi Matt, thank you very much for your reply!

The answer is: “Yes, we can!”

In the “Visits overview”, we have 503 visits and 448 unique visitors, respectively. In the “Overview”, we have 503 visits and 490 unique visitors, respectively (see attachments).

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I think it makes sense, because a same visitor can be once a direct entry and once a search engine for example, in the same day. So it will be counted as 2 when summing the unique visitors in the referrer report, but the groups are not exclusive.

I see… thus the lower number of Unique visitors is the “correct” one (correct = w/o double counting), isn’t it?