Different stats from dashboard and API

Hi there,

just figured out that the API gives me different results of pageviews thatn the graph or the dashboard or the widgets.
from the API it’s always less then from the others.
anyone else discovered this?

Maybe you are referring to the “Pageviews” and the “Actions” which include (Pageviews, Downloads, outlinks).

Also check you’re using 1.8.4 since we fixed a bug related to this.

Hi Matt,

just thought to switch to the Widgets instead of creating my own graphs. but then figured out: the Page Titles Widget in the Piwik-Dashboard also shows different stats then the Widget itself when using segmentation.





which uses this API call:

Any Ideas?

The 2 graphs look fairly similar ?

Hi Matt,

yes, fairly, but not equal.
for example the 1st of october the widget shows 4 page views and in the dashboard 8 page views for the same page.
so something is wrong…


How many days over the last 30 days have different values?

They should have same value approximately, but differences are possible if the data has minor issues etc.

Hi Matt,

all days do have different values…
just figured out that all three types of data-fetiching result different values. the API, the widget and the dashboard…

does the dashboard show also the stats from the subpages and the segmentation just form the chosen uri?

just running out of ideas how to approach this…

problem: we are providing a pageviewgraph to our customers and it’s quite bad if the graph doesn’t reflect the reality…

edit: maybe you want to have a direct look?

Sorry I’m overloaded, but if you need professional help, please contact: http://piwik.org/consulting/

damn… okay. :wink:

but maybe you could just check this at your own installation to see if you have the same effect?
that would be really kind.