Differences in visits between Campaign Visits (all visits) and Segment Filter on Campaign Name

Hi there,

One of our clients uses Matomo Cloud for reporting about their website. We are their communications partner and also use this for reporting on our social media campaigns.

When analyzing the campaign results in the same period, we see two different results.

a) We are looking at the Campaign Report for all visits between March 17, 2023 and May 1, 2023.

b) We create a Segment Filter with the conditon “Campaign name is xxxx”. We look at the same report in the same period. Also on the other reports (Visits, Pages, Conversions…) shows information with 3.530 visits.

Why is there a difference in this data and how can we solve this?
We only created a filter to view all the data specific for our campaign. But there is a difference between A) and B) so I don’t have the opportunity to do a good analysis based on the 14k visitors in a).

Thanks in advance!

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@Glenn Running into the same issue. did you ever find a fix?

Hi Jake,

Thank you for your response. At this time I do not have an answer to this problem.

Of course, I still hope to know the cause so we can analyze the numbers correctly.