Difference in Page Views (All Sites and single site)


even at the risk of having overlooked something … but I get different page view figures for the “All Sites” and the single site view. Visits seem to be tracked correctly

[attachment 768 Clipboard05.jpg]

[attachment 769 Clipboard06.jpg]

No matter how I look at it, it just doesn’t add up …

Any ideas?



It’s confusing but all websites “Actions” is pages+outlinks+downloads

Mhhh …

even so, it doesn’t add up. Pageviews and Outlinks gives me a total of 3977220 … so that’s still over a million short of the All Sites figure.

I just checked if perhaps “All Sites” is add the outlinks and downloads of the other sites to the number of views, but no … still about half a million page views are missing.

Could this be due to faulty indexing on my side or have I won de big prize and found a bug? (:P)

Bests wirtsi

Interesting, the only thing that could explain this I think, is that we changed a few versions ago:

  • before we tracked Actions and didn’t know how many pages/downloads/outlinks
  • now we track separately pages/downloads/outlinks
    So probably, in “Visitors Overview” you see the pageviews after the upgrade.
    This is a bug, unfortuntaely we might not fix it since only some users have the issue, and it works well for new data since the update.

To check that the impact is limited, can you confirm that for the month of July or June for example, stats are correct?

They should be incorrect only for “Year” since it contains months with buggy data. Note: we always try to not have wrong data but this was a case that we didn’t manage to make it work for all piwik users it seems.

Hi Matt,

I just checked the figures for July … so what I have is

All Sites: 590567 page views for the main site
Main Site: 569024 page views, 20880 outlinks and 15656 downloads => 605560 combined

So in this case it is the other way around, the All Sites page views are lower than the main site’s

Anyway, which number would you say is more reliable, the single site one?

Thanks a lot for you reply :slight_smile:


Hi wirtsi, I looked into this, and I’m not sure what’s causing the discrepancy, but the problem is w/ the All Sites dashboard. The single site view is more reliable.

Hopefully, there’ll be a fix soon :slight_smile: