Difference between widget and plugin


I have a simple question: What is the difference between a widget and a plugin? Does a widget just displays the data from the plugin?

I’d like to track the gender and age of my users and display that information in a widget on my dashboard - I don’t know if I have to create a widget or a plugin for that… I came across this plugin (New Plugin: Demography reporting · Issue #1436 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub) but it isn’t compatible with the new Piwik version.

Thanks, Lena

Plugin is an extension or add-on to the existing one.
Widget is a step by step guide for something to include in existing one. There are different types of widgets depending upon the purpose.

Okey, assuming that I’d like to display information about my users (e.g. age, gender) with custom variables, should I create a new widget for that or a new plugin?

Thanks, Lena

Can I add this to a wordpress site?