Difference between average time spent on Matomo Interface VS time_spent on database export

I have a question concerning a difference in the average time spent seen on Matomo reports for a specific page

the average time spent from “time_spent” table seen in the database schema export for this same page

First of all, all the visits that we have exported on the database are also on Matomo. So, we are even when it comes to the number of visits.

If we look at the data from April 03rd, the average time spent on a page is “1 minute” (first screenshot), the sum of the time spent is equal to 2445 seconds.

But, if we look at the sum of the time spent on the same page using the “time_spent” table from our export (second screenshot), we have 2689 seconds

As we have exactly the same number of visits, the difference is only coming from that sum difference in time spent.

Do you have any explanation on where this difference is coming from ?
If so, is there a way to solve this problem ?