Didnt touch anything and it broke.. HELP PLEASE


It was working fine this morning but now when I go to log in it gives me this error.

Error: Form security key is invalid or has expired. Please reload the form and check that your cookies are enabled.

I searched for this problem and found no clear answer. I am not running on the newest piwik because when I try and update it I lose my history and it dosen’t work so I have just stayed with the version that works for me until today when It broke when I didn’t touch anything.

Thanks for any help

(JulienM) #2

It is highly advisable that you update to the latest version. If you follow Update Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo to the letter you will keep your history.

(vipsoft) #3

The form security rules have been relaxed in 1.5, so I recommend updating. No data should be lost, but I would suggest closing any open windows to your Piwik dashboard, and running the update from the shell/command line.