Did theming feature has gone?

I was trying to build a custom theme because I was trying to integrate some CSS tweaks for my company but as I can see in master branch, there’s no more “themes” area inside administration UI. Any theme commands in CLI.

Looks like this feature is gone because felt unused. how to tweak CSS/JS frontend code without hacking the core? Should I write a very custom plugin?

Hi there,

we removed the Themes from the menu but i’m thinking now this is a mistake. Can you please create bug report at: ahttps://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues

The theming feature is still available for sure :slight_smile: it is documented in: Themes: Develop - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

(to access theming go to Administration > Plugins > click on the Themes link in top content)

Well, as you said the theming feature still there but has become “transparent”.
I’m not verywell skilled at writing sass rules but I’ll give a try before a full CSS/JS approach theming.

First of all you need to switch

./console development:enable

then you’ll get all the generate: CLI functions
After this you could follow theme guide linked before in this thread.

In the GUI I’ve found a small link to themes list inside the plugins page but no more marketplace for them.

I don’t think you should give up theming feature at all but if this stuff is having costs on performance or security. I wonder it doesn’t.