Device type / Segment Issue


I did a pages report on a recently viewed page. I then created a segment by the new device type and specified one of the found results. The segment was saved, but I got no results for it. Even though there is one.

Also when using the segment editor I could have a series of results I want to show at once, example (desktop, tablet and mobile)

but i have only the ability to specify one at a time using the popup.

is not
does not contain

What if i wanted to show all results? is there a trick to show all or would it be prudent to add a “show all” option in the pop up?

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

What if i wanted to show all results?

You can try to set DEVICE IS NOT xxx for example, and it will return all visitors (since none have xxx device)

(Lucy) #3

I think I have the same issue - I want to see how many mobile visitors are coming to our campaign landing landing page, so I created a segment Device type = Smartphone. But when this segment is selected, I see no results at all.

Is there a better way to break down pageviews to a specific URL by device?