Device Detector: SQL values


I got an overview of values for the variables config_device_type and config_browser_name of the piwik_log_visit table.
Now I can’t assign the values to real device types and browser names. I have no access to the Matomo-/Piwik-Database, just these values.

The config_device_type values are 0, 1 and 2 and I guess this means mobile etc.
The config_browser_name values are CH (Chrome ?), CI, FF (Firefox ?), IE (Internet Explorer ?), MF, PS and SF (Safari ?).

It would be nice if anyone can help me!

Thanks in advance!

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while I can’t help much with the rest, I know about the shortnames.

You can find the mappings in the device-detector repository:

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Hi Lukas,

that’s all I want to know.

Thanks a lot!

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