Device Detector Set Values manually


is it possible to set the values of DeviceDetector manually with php ?

My goal is :
If $device['model'] == '' && $device['brand'] == '' && $device['type'] == 'desktop'
then i ll set :
$device['brand'] = 'PC';
$device['model'] = 'PC - '.$os['name'];
so i wont have unknown brands or models in my table.

furthermore i ll check for other types e.g. tv, if there is a unknown brand or model (or year -
i addet this to the devDetector) then i ll save the user_agent in a table to analize that agent
and place some additional infos in related tables. I have some special information about
user_agents from tv devices. In future, if there are some unknown device values i can check my tables and
put this infos to piwik (for some ua´s you need additional info tables because with some you cant get all
informations by pharsing the ua).

Just now i need a way how to put all device detector values into piwik manually. That means i dont want that
piwik pharses the ua and writes recognized device values by itself. I use the piwiktracker.php at the moment,
this class creates a http call like : ... &brand=BS&type=5

I put some additional values like type and brand, but this dont work. How i can implement that?

Thx and sry for bad english :wink:

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same problem.
could you solve it ?