Desktop App

hi ,

I Planing to provide Web analytics services and i want build Desktop App to Display the data for our user ,

My Q is Can we use piwik JavaScript and database for our system ? we only need that because as i said we will build Desktop App instead of piwik Web based Dashboard ,

NOTE : our system will work like any other Analytics Company > user Make Registration inside our site > we send JavaScript Code to our User Email > User Embed this Code at he/she site > user run our Desktop app and login > and there you go

We need piwik JavaScript Because its really Powerful and i cannot find any other JavaScript give all this information


Do you know: Desktop Web Analytics - For Piwik (

Maybe this helps you?


Yes, you can develop your own front-end client using Piwik on the backend.

See with respect to using the Piwik trademark wrt your service and app.