Designing a new user interface

Hi All,

I’ve checked the default template. (Morpheus)
I want to designing a new user interface, And not merely a template !!

Let me explain more :

  • I want to change main menu inteface and feature’s. I want in main menu more or less a series of features.
  • I want change default layout in dashboard, and change current default dashboard widget. deleted a series OR added another widget.
  • I want to change layout of other widget and feature page.
  • I want to create responsive template.

ok, I think I mean brought up.
sorry I’m not good speak english.

I’m grateful thanks to you to guide me.
Because the change is greater than the default template, Where should I start?
What Threads I want to know for such changes I need to know ?

thank you

Hi Mehdi,
it sounds like you want to do a lot, maybe it would be more realistic to start with one small step and do step by step?

I’m not sure how to best answer you otherwise as it sounds like a big project :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your response.

I’ve got study base of issues related to the design of the templates.
I remember that I read, the template engine for piwik is Twig.

My goal is that I can find an answer to the following questions.

  1. If you want to have a template with a custom widget, Should i use Twig ?
  2. How can I add or remove widget in dashboard or another page ?
  3. In what path do I access the main menu code ?
  4. How Can I change default layout in dashboard or other page ?

If you please tell me specifically source this matter, I’m grateful.


a question :

How Can I change default layout in dashboard ?

thank you

Hi Mehdi please checkout the developer site which answers these questions and hopefully a good starting point: