Deleting Piwik For Dummies

I run my organization’s website due to lack of capacity - we have a employee base of less than 5 - so I have no real coding or web developing experience. We run our site through Bluehost and the Weebly app. My boss instructed me to start running stats on the website, and Bluehost recommended downloading Piwik for easy stats. It was only after downloading I found out I would need to input code and configure pages to make it work. Now when I look to delete it, I am not sure how to delete the database, ftp folders, etc. and the language is beyond my technical knowledge. We cannot use our site now due to error messages on all but the first page, and the error has switched from a safety warning to a “To run Matomo you need at least PHP version 5.5.9” error. My boss is not going to be nice over this, so is this something that can be simplified and deleted for a nonprofessional?

To delete Matomo, you just need to delete the folder and the database (or the piwik_* tables inside it).
How this works totally depends on your host, but most of the time your should have some kind of administration interface where you can access the database. For deleting the files you often have to login via FTP.

I was able to find and delete the database - but how do I identify the right folder? I deleted the two on the main page title Piwik, but when I search piwik in my folders multiple come up, with some files in them updated months ago and some when I installed piwik. How do I know what is safe to delete? It’s been hours trying to figure this out and when I try the deletion code upload provided by Matomo I still get the “need PHP version 5.5.9” when I try to go to “http://your-site/uninstall-delete-piwik-directory.php